Helena Saelman-Kraut
Helena Saelman


Via the NHA I did the training web design.


It is always a nice challenge to make something special from a website. With the help of self-made photos, which are edited if necessary to give the site a personal appearance, matching the whole. The nice thing about websites is the different possibilities for interactivity. This is not only important, but the ultimate goal of a website. Click on an image and something happens … you will be taken to a related internal, external page or email address.

Manual work

The logo of Anima webdesign was designed in a traditional way in our own studio using compasses, colored pencils, and edited. Then old craft techniques come together with modern digitization. Which results in a unique and personal logo. Ultimately, you will get a fully interactive website with its own touch.

Why WordPress Websites

Nowadays I work exclusively with WordPress. The advantage of this is that it is safe, provided that it is regularly updated and changes can be implemented quickly and easily, but above all that the new owner can update the website himself. Read more…

Besides web design I am involved in music, singing, I sing classical / jazz and follow a training as a singing teacher, sound technique, visual arts, nature, cycling, walking, sailing, reading a book. Not to forget: enjoying a culinary experience with a nice wine.